1. Targeted Approach.

    The Cromwell Funds are actively managed and utilized as complements to an overall portfolio.
  2. Experienced Managers.

    Our Sub-Advisors are nationally renowned managers in their respective investment categories.
  3. Exceptional Service.

    We are dedicated to providing Financial Advisors with exceptional service.

Advisor Solutions

The Cromwell Funds provide Financial Advisors with high-quality, differentiated and actively managed strategies in a mutual fund format.

Cromwell CenterSquare Real Estate Fund

The Fund invests in publicly traded real estate securities, providing exposure to a variety of commercial and residential real estate sectors.

Cromwell Foresight Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund

The Fund invests in sustainable companies that own and operate infrastructure assets, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Cromwell Greenspring Mid Cap Fund

The Fund seeks mid-sized businesses with market-leading franchises and significant free cash flow, trading at attractive valuations.

Cromwell Long Short Fund

A long and short portfolio with an aim to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns over time.

Cromwell Sustainable Balanced Fund

A flexible equity and bond portfolio focused on achieving outperformance over full market cycles while seeking sustainable companies.

Cromwell Tran Sustainable Focus Fund

A performance-oriented ESG growth strategy, the Fund seeks select high-quality companies purchased at what is considered reasonable prices.

Experience Matters

Each Cromwell Fund is managed by independently owned investment managers who have extensive experience in their respective investment specialty.