Fund Facts

Primary Benchmark

S&P Global Infrastructure Index

Oldest Share Class Inception


Access to Sustainable Physical Infrastructure Assets

The Fund seeks sustainable listed companies that own and operate underlying physical infrastructure assets. An infrastructure investment offers certain hard-to-replicate characteristics compared to other asset classes. These include: 1) stable and predictable demand as they provide critical services to customers; 2) high barriers to entry because infrastructure assets take substantial time and investment to develop and maintain; and 3) long-term contracted revenue streams.

With these inherent attributes, we believe the Fund could serve as a solid complement to an investor’s core equity portfolio, providing the potential opportunity to boost returns while seeking to reduce overall risk.

Sustainability-Led Approach

Sustainability is a core part of the Fund’s actively managed investment process. The Portfolio Managers assess the quality and operations of each holding at initial purchase as well as on an ongoing basis to determine whether the company delivers a net social or environmental benefit. In addition, each company’s strategy, economic activity and fundamental purpose will be assessed based on the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The Portfolio Managers believe meeting these criteria sets the stage for companies’ long-term success.


Reasons to Invest

  1. 1

    Capitalize on a Long-Term Secular Trend

    The drivers of infrastructure investment are stronger than ever. Whether it’s energy security, changing demographics, or digitalization, infrastructure will play a pivotal role. These transformative megatrends require trillions of dollars of investment, underpinning growth and providing a long tailwind for infrastructure investors.
  2. 2

    Buffer Against Inflation

    Infrastructure asset-owning companies have had highly visible cash flows driving a steady return throughout market cycles. The underlying assets are often government contracted and inflation-linked with an earnings profile that can be typically less volatile than other equities.
  3. 3

    Leverage Global Infrastructure Specialists

    The Fund is sub-advised by Foresight Group, a leading sustainability-led infrastructure and private equity manager headquartered in London with 330 employees in 13 offices across 7 countries and $14.9 billion in assets as of 12/31/22.